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Bison on Mormon Row

A. F. Litt: Wyoming &emdash; Bison on Mormon Row

Bison on Mormon Row
Grand Teton National Park. Wyoming. August 3, 2014
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Photo of the Day by A. F. Litt: September 11, 2014

Afternoon is the worst time to shoot in Grand Teton National Park.  The western sun blows the mountains down to dark silhouettes and moments like this can be very difficult to capture.  However, when that is the time you are there, and the bison have wandered into their proper locations, one doesn’t complain, one just does the best one can.

This was my first visit to this park.  Most of the places we visited on this trip were places I’ve been to before, be it many decades before, but this park was new to all of us.  In many ways, it has more charms than Yellowstone.  The mountains scream for exploration, and while the main loop drive is full of day trippers venturing south from the craziness of the park to the north, the Tetons are more about getting out of the car, hitting some trails, and getting some elevation under one’s feet.

Unfortunately, on this trip, we were one of the day trippers from the north, and not one of the hikers or climbers this park seems so designed for…  We drove the loop, threw in a couple of side treks, and headed back north to our camp.

From the future, though, I can hear the Tetons calling.  On a return trip to this part of the country, I could see flip-flopping the itinerary to spend more time in the southern park than the northern park.  Where I feel we covered Yellowstone well from the car, and where that park can be covered well from the car, the Teton experience really requires getting far away from the roads and away for a night or two out on the trails and up on the peaks above.


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