Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Photo of the Day by A. F. Litt: April 18, 2012, Field & Mountain

Mt. Hood from Gresham, Oregon.  April 17, 2012.  Photo of the Day, April 18, 2012.

Mt. Hood from Gresham, Oregon.  April 17, 2012.  Photo of the Day, April 18, 2012.

I am very close to putting my photo of the day on indefinite hiatus.  As it is, it is unlikely that I will be able to continue with daily posting.

This last week, I have not had time to post and today it is only by neglecting other chores that I am finding time to post. 

Part of the problem is gear.  My computers are just too old and clunky to keep up.  I started today’s post five hours ago.  If this computer does not crash, I may finish now!  Or maybe not even today at all… 

Of course, I have not been spending the last five hours working on this post.  I uploaded the photo to my computer, had to restart, and then I had to take care of some family issues.  I edited the photo, had to restart, and then I had to take care of some family issues.  Got the photo posted online, and you can guess the drill… Now, just getting started up again and waiting for Live Writer to start working, I’ve already been at this stage of the game for nearly an hour.

When this daily chore took fifteen minutes, it was possible to post every day.  Right now it is taking more like 45 minutes to an hour every day and I just do not have that much time to spare.  Many days, I do not have that much free time all in one sitting at all.

With two special needs boys who are both going through some issues (the older one is specifically having a hard time right now, the younger one has an Autism Spectrum Disorder, so life is always full of issues), and their mother staying with me who also has a lot of issues and special needs right now, I have very little free time for myself aside from my role as a caretaker.

Fighting with my computers is not really how I want to be spending my very limited free time right now.

On days when I can use my desktop, back in my office nook, this chore goes pretty quickly, but there are many days when I have little time to work back there.  Usually I am stuck on my laptops.

Oh well.  So much for my goal of 366 this year. 

Hopefully things will settle down eventually, but right now that is not looking very likely.  Until then, these posts may be a bit few and far between.

I almost called today’s photo the last photo of the day, but I do like posting these pictures.  In fact, I have quite a few recent pictures queued up for the next several posts that I am looking forward to posting.  However, I don’t have time to post every day, I have larger concerns in my life right now requiring my attention, so these will be posted from time to time when I have some free time that I am not spending working on larger batches of pictures, writing, or out taking even more pictures.

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