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One Day On Earth: 10/10/10 Pre-sale DVDs

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We know it has been a long wait, but 10.10.10 DVD's are finally here and shipping! From now until October 24th, you can buy the DVD at the pre-sale price of $14.99. We have beautiful posters and photo prints for sale as well.  

Your purchase will help keep One Day on Earth alive for a third collaboration. In order to launch 12/12/12, we must reach our funding goal of $50,000 by October 24. This is just a fraction of the production cost, but will ensure that we will have enough producers on staff and technology updates in place.  

Please consider purchasing a DVD and making a donation to help keep One Day on Earth alive for another year!

The 11/11/11 movie that I submitted some clips for is still in production. Here is my edited submission for the geotagged archive.

Today is the first time I’ve watched it in awhile.  Put a lot of work into it and, unfortunately, I still have a hard time listening to that poor Walkabouts song.  It used to be one of my favorites.  But I like it.  I am happy with what I was able to put together considering the limitations of gear I struggled with at the time, from camera to computer.

This year, for 12/12/12, I’ll have a better camera, more experience working with video, and I hope to focus more on film than on stills.  Also, I hope to have more of a topic to focus on, rather than some vague thoughts about transportation, Veterans’ Day, early Christmas decorations, poverty, Occupation, and fall colors.  I like the way those themes weave through the video, it feels like a nice little journey to me, but I’d like more of a specific topic this year.

I’ll probably only have a few days to prepare after NaNoWriMo for this, but it is a project I am looking forward to.

For Earth Day, a Film Created by the Whole World -

“One Day on Earth” is the culmination of a film and social-networking project started four years ago by Kyle Ruddick and Brandon Litman, two graduates of the University of Southern California. Mr. Ruddick has said he came up with the idea of documenting every corner of the world on a single day after attending a world music festival and watching various sonic styles mingle.

As Mr. Ruddick finished the feature-length movie, compiled from over 3,000 hours of video, in California, Mr. Litman worked from New York to secure financial and logistics support from charities and humanitarian organizations. Over 60 such partners signed on.

‘One Day on Earth’: Film with footage from every country on earth captured on same day makes its debut | The Sideshow - Yahoo! News:

The 105-minute film includes rare footage from places where American filmmakers aren't exactly welcome--including North Korea, where a military parade was secretly shot. "We had someone who basically shot covert with a DSLR camera that was rolling video," Ruddick told Yahoo News. "It was harrowing to watch--you never want someone to put themselves in danger, or get hurt."

Footage from South Sudan, North Africa and Tunisia--which in 2010 was on the brink of igniting the Arab spring--was just as difficult to obtain. The pair also partnered with more than 60 NGOs, including Oxfam and Human Rights Watch--"people who know the logistics on the ground," Litman said.

'One Day on Earth' documentary: Visit every country in the world this Earth Day | Inside Movies |

If this all sounds familiar, last year’s Ridley Scott-produced documentary Life in a Day pulled off a similar feat by gathering video shot by YouTube users. But One Day on Earth, the brainchild of first-time filmmakers Kyle Ruddick (director) and Brandon Litman (executive producer), was initially set in motion four years ago. And unlike Life in a Day, which was backed by YouTube and Scott Free Productions and was distributed by National Geographic Films, Ruddick and Litman turned to nonprofit partners including the United Nations and World Wildlife Fund.

I’m a big fan of Life in a Day, but I see no reason why we can’t have two of these crowdsourcing “Earth in a single day” films. And if this Beirut-scored trailer is any indication, One Day on Earth seems to have the goods.

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