Monday, October 13, 2014

Medicine Wheel National Historic Site, Wyoming

A. F. Litt: Wyoming &emdash; Medicine Wheel National Historic Site 

Medicine Wheel National Historic Site
Bighorn National Forest.  Wyoming.  August 5, 2014
Copyright © 2014 A. F. Litt, All Rights Reserved

Photo of the Day by A. F. Litt:  October 13, 2014:

Not much time to write right now!  Just this for today…  Happy Indigenous Peoples’ Day!

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Thursday, October 09, 2014

Prairie Dog, Devil’s Tower NM

A. F. Litt: Devils Tower National Monument &emdash; Prairie Dog, Devils Tower National Monument 

Prairie Dog, Devils Tower National Monument
Prairie Dog Town.  Devils Tower NM.  Wyoming.  August 6, 2014
Copyright © 2014 A. F. Litt, All Rights Reserved

Photo of the Day by A. F. Litt:  October 9, 2014

Not much to say here, just a cute little guy whose been fed by some folks who can’t read the signs…  Behind me, loomed the tower, but this field was full of cuteness.  Busy day and not much to write about this shot, so I’ll move on…


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Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Devil’s Canyon Overlook, Bighorn Canyon NRA

A. F. Litt: Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area &emdash; Devil's Canyon Overlook, Bighorn Canyon NRA

Devil's Canyon Overlook, Bighorn Canyon NRA
Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area. Montana / Wyoming. August 5, 2014
Copyright © 2014 A. F. Litt, All Rights Reserved

Photo of the Day by A. F. Litt:  October 8, 2014

According to the National Park Service, this is the “Grandest Canyon in the Northern Rockies,” featuring:

A landscape of sheer cliffs towering 1,000 feet above a ribbon of blue water. World class fishing and a place where wild horses still run free. Bighorn Canyon is a place where imagination meets reality. Bighorn Canyon has unrivaled recreation possibilities.

So I’m back to the summer trip photos today…  Hopefully back on track with mostly daily posting, as well.

This was one of the few “new to me” location we visited on this trip, and it was a nice one.  We didn’t know much going in, just saw it on the map and decided to go, and it was a great side trip.  We saw wild horses, old homesteads, and, well, the canyon you see above.

I’d love to find a pre-1967 photo of the canyon before the completion of Yellowtail Dam.  The river was still high enough for boats, but there was a bit more whitewater down there.  There are some interesting stories about the boat trip into some ranches that lie in the heart of the NRA.

But I need to keep things short today.  More material to explore in later POTDs when I have a bit more time (hopefully).


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Friday, October 03, 2014

David J, Living Room Show

A. F. Litt: Concert Photography &emdash; David J, Portland, 2014

David J, Portland, 2014
Living Room Show. Portland, Oregon. September 9, 2014
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Photo of the Day by A. F. Litt: October 3, 2014

This was an amazing show taking place in a house up in the West Hills.  Those windows behind David offer one of the most spectacular views of the Portland skyline around.  This is a pretty rough photo shot with my iPhone (all that was allowed) and I couldn’t get the skyline because I was sitting on the floor, in front, right at his feet.  Bad for photography, great for a fan (which I am…  David’s my favorite out of that old crew and Urban Urbane, to me, is one of the best albums of the 1990s)…

Been too busy recently and the photo of the day is working more like a photo of the week, but I press on anyway.  Tons of work going into getting Illuminated Imaging launched and we’ve had a pretty serious health issue in the family (don’t worry, everyone is doing well), so time has been at a premium here recently.  Hopefully things will settle out a bit next week and I can get a few more posts in.


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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Stiff Valentine at Raven Ink Anniversary Party

A. F. Litt: Bands &emdash; Chris DeMarcus of Stiff Valentine

Chris DeMarcus of Stiff Valentine
Raven Ink Tattoo Anniversary Party. Tonic Lounge. Portland, Oregon. February 9, 2013
Copyright © 2014 A. F. Litt , All Rights Reserved

Photo of the Day by A. F. Litt:  September 25, 2014

So, after a bit of a break to deal with a bunch of paid work, I’m jumping back into the photo of the day in a very different place from where I left off…  Leaving behind Wyoming for a bit, I am diving back in time to the 2013 Raven Ink Tattoo Anniversary Party at the Tonic Lounge.  This is Chris DeMarcus of the Vancouver B.C. band Stiff Valentine.

These guys were pretty good, I’ve seen them a couple times, but they were having a rough go of it this night due to some of the tech issues mostly electronic bands run into from time to time.  Been there, done that, and I had sympathy.  They were pros and got through it the best they could. 

Going over to their Facebook page to check on them and remember who was who, apparently they’ve been through some rough times recently, too...  The band called it quits about a week ago.

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Friday, September 12, 2014

Kayaks Visiting Fishing Cone Geyser

A. F. Litt: Yellowstone National Park &emdash; Kayaks Visiting Fishing Cone Geyser

Kayaks Visiting Fishing Cone Geyser
West Thumb Geyser Basin. Yellowstone Lake. Yellowstone National Park. August 4, 2014
Copyright © 2014 A. F. Litt, All Rights Reserved

Photo of the Day by A. F. Litt: September 12, 2014

A late post, a busy day…  This geyser, as seen in the photo below, is usually above water by this time of the year.  However, it’s been a wet one, so the water tables are high all over the west.

This is a pretty interesting location.  According to the National Park Service trail guide for the West Thumb Geyser Basin:

Mountain men told of a geyser along an alpine lake where one could catch a trout, swing the pole around, dip it into the boiling pool, and cook the fish without taking it off the line.

This cooking-on-the-hook feat at Fishing Cone became famous after being described by the 1870 Washburn Expedition.  Visitors often dressed in a cook’s hat and apron to have their pictures at the “Chowder Pot” or the “Fish Pot.”  Anglers often injured themselves while straddling the boiling water, and their feet damaged the geyser cone.  Fishing is no longer allowed at Fishing Cone.

Visitors are sometimes surprised to find Fishing Cone underwater.  During the spring and early summer, lake levels rise from melting snow and cover the vent.  When exposed, the temperature of the cone’s water averages just above boiling (199°F / 93° C).

As for the lake and West Thumb itself, this bay is actually a smaller caldera within the greater Yellowstone Caldera, and dates from a “powerful volcanic explosion approximately 174,000 years ago.”  The size of Yellowstone Lake is hard to comprehend, even when standing on its shore.  At this geyser basin, looking out over West Thumb, the lake is huge, but then you realize this is just a relatively “small” bay off the side of the much larger lake beyond the small gap visible in the image below, framing the “chef’s” fishing pole.

Hot Spring Cone – Yellowstone National Park
Frank J. Haynes
Yellowstone’s Photo Collection.  Official Site of Yellowstone National Park.  National Park Service

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Bison on Mormon Row

A. F. Litt: Wyoming &emdash; Bison on Mormon Row

Bison on Mormon Row
Grand Teton National Park. Wyoming. August 3, 2014
Copyright © 2014 A. F. Litt, All Rights Reserved

Photo of the Day by A. F. Litt: September 11, 2014

Afternoon is the worst time to shoot in Grand Teton National Park.  The western sun blows the mountains down to dark silhouettes and moments like this can be very difficult to capture.  However, when that is the time you are there, and the bison have wandered into their proper locations, one doesn’t complain, one just does the best one can.

This was my first visit to this park.  Most of the places we visited on this trip were places I’ve been to before, be it many decades before, but this park was new to all of us.  In many ways, it has more charms than Yellowstone.  The mountains scream for exploration, and while the main loop drive is full of day trippers venturing south from the craziness of the park to the north, the Tetons are more about getting out of the car, hitting some trails, and getting some elevation under one’s feet.

Unfortunately, on this trip, we were one of the day trippers from the north, and not one of the hikers or climbers this park seems so designed for…  We drove the loop, threw in a couple of side treks, and headed back north to our camp.

From the future, though, I can hear the Tetons calling.  On a return trip to this part of the country, I could see flip-flopping the itinerary to spend more time in the southern park than the northern park.  Where I feel we covered Yellowstone well from the car, and where that park can be covered well from the car, the Teton experience really requires getting far away from the roads and away for a night or two out on the trails and up on the peaks above.


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Monday, September 08, 2014

A Short July Visit to Lost Lake

Paddle Boats on Lost Lake

Paddle Boats on Lost Lake
Mt. Hood National Forest.  Oregon.  July 7, 2014
Copyright © 2014 A. F. Litt, All Rights Reserved

Photo of the Day by A. F. Litt:  September 8, 2014

Today is a hectic day, so I am diverting from Yellowstone since I can use a photo I edited earlier today for use as a background for a new watermark I was working on for another one of my endeavors,  Illuminated Imaging (

It’s not my usual watermark, but it is my photo!

This was taken in July on a short outing to Lost Lake with the boys and my Dad.  We took the long way in up over Lolo Pass to get a little NW dirt on his Arizona Jeep.

A nice afternoon, but unfortunately we didn’t get to spend much time at the lake.  On the list for a weekend stay next summer, those boats look pretty fun!

Back to Yellowstone tomorrow, hopefully...

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