Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Tour Boat on Crater Lake

A. F. Litt: Crater Lake National Park &emdash; Tour Boat on Crater Lake (2012)

Tour Boat on Crater Lake (2012)
Rim Village Visitor Center. Crater Lake National Park. Oregon. August 22, 2012.
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Photo of the Day by A. F. Litt: December 1, 2015

Scrolling through a ton of photos from our family's 2012 summer vacation today, looking for one that leapt out at me... I was thinking mountain, or coast, but this one, overlooked for years, really struck me today.

On that trip, two of the places we visited I found to be remarkably difficult to shoot, the Redwoods and Crater Lake... Both due to the scale of the subjects. These are both incredibly beautiful, photogenic places, of course, but they also have challenges. In the Redwoods, it can be difficult to convey the size and scale of the trees while at Crater Lake, it is difficult to show much of the lake, when shooting from the rim, without resorting to a pano, and I sort of hate most panos, unless they are blown up large and hanging on a wall.

You'll notice that most of the fantastic shots you'll see of Crater Lake are not taken from the rim, but from the peaks circling the rim, back a bit from the edge. Unfortunately, another challenge I faced as a photographer on this trip (and most) is that my main role while visiting was not as a photographer, but as a dad on a family vacation, and due to the limitations of time and children, not much hiking happens on these trips.

Shooting Crater Lake from the rim is all about finding interesting details, and there are plenty of those. One of the things I like about this shot is that there is a sense of immensity conveyed, even though the actual subject of the photo is one of the smallest details you will see at the lake, a small boat made tiny by the vastness of the water and the maw of the caldera containing it.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Latourell Into the Ice, and what the heck is this "Photo of the Day" stuff all about anyway?!?

Latourell Into the Ice (2013)
Latourell Falls. Oregon. December 10, 2013
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Photo of the Day by A. F. Litt: November 27, 2015

I realized that a lot of folks might not know what these "photos of the day" posts are all about for me. Essentially, my rules, set by myself, for myself, are to post a previously unedited, unreleased photo as often as possible (every work day is a goal, though possibly one that is unobtainable at this point) and to try to write a line or two, at least, relating to the photo (usually), as well...

As for frequency, I want to keep this rolling, so I am not holding myself to posting each and every day, lest I get discouraged and decide that I am just too busy at this time to continue with this "project," and recently it seems like posts are the exception, not the rule, but I stumble along anyway... I've abandoned this project for long periods in the past for that very reason and I don't want to do that again right now.

This all really started back in 2011 as a way for me to force myself to work on photography every day. I was much better about posting most days back then, but as other ventures picked up, and as family life went through a busy and complicated few years, I set the project aside for a couple years.

It was feeling like a burden, and I felt like I'd accomplished most of the goals I'd set for myself with the project, which at the time involved working every day on digital photography (most of my serious work before was done with black and white film in these places called "darkrooms," not on computers), and to establish myself somewhat as a photographer.

The same rules applied back then, posting a previously unedited, unreleased photo, but without the writing component which is a new addition to the 2015 incarnation of this project...

Aside from feeling I'd met a lot of my goals back in 2012, and general busyness in other departments, another big reason why I abandoned the project for awhile was that I found myself rushing the work too much, and that I was not taking the time to select great photos (ones I love, at least) and that I was rushing the edit on them.

So, rather than flooding everyone with sub-par work, I thought it was best to pull the plug on the endeavour for a while.

Earlier this year, though, I realized that I was spending a tiny percentage of my time working on photography outside of the stills for the Recreating the HCRH project, which tend to be more survey oriented rather than artistic, by nature, and I felt that I needed to start forcing myself to spend some time working on my still photography again. Plus, I had several years of photos sitting on my hard drive collecting many layers of digital dust, and it seemed as though those shots might never make it out into the world without returning at least some of my focus back towards still photography.

Back in January, at the dawn of 2015, I tried to relaunch this project. I really only made it a few days, though, before the video work piled up and I found myself feeling like it just wasn't the right time to re-launch the POTD. But the photos were still piling up, and the work on photography still wasn't happening...

A couple months ago, though, I started feeling almost caught up, so I tried again, this time changing the expectations on myself away from rigidly posting every day to posting as much as possible, and that is where we are now. I post if I have time and I find a photo I like. I skip it if nothing is speaking to me or if I just do not have time. This should keep the quality somewhat decent (no guarantees... My taste, not yours! And sometimes I do post photos that have more sentimental value than artistic value, but then it will be explained in the written part of the post), and it lessens the risk of me abandoning the project all together due to feeling like I don't have the time to put the proper effort in.

Because of that, sometimes it will truly be the photo of the day, sometimes the photo of the week, sometimes the photo of the every once in awhile, but by giving myself the flexibility to post like that, hopefully I will posting more than a handful of shots every year.  I am still calling it the "Photo of the Day," but it might not happen every day.  It seems the right name for a project like this and I do hope to be consistently posting more than once a week, so...

For today's photo, I am revisiting the icy winter of 2012 / 2013... There was not much snow, really, but there was a lot of ice around the Gorge's falls, and they were spectacular. I've got a few of Multnomah that have never been posted from this trip that will emerge at some point, but I decided to post one up from Latourell. I've put a few of the shots from day at Latourell out before, but I was never happy with the edits. Who knows? I may hate this one too, on later review, but I wanted to take another swing at getting a photo that I liked out into the world from this set.

That is it for today. I'll be back tomorrow, or next week, or in a couple weeks... But, because of the new approach to this, I am, at a minimum, confident that I'll be posting again, sooner rather than later.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Devil's Churn at Cape Perpetua

A. F. Litt: Oregon Coast &emdash; Early Evening at Devil's Churn

Early Evening at Devil's Churn
Cape Perpetua Special Interest Area. Siuslaw National Forest. Oregon. July 2, 2011.
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Photo of the Day by A. F. Litt: November 25, 2015

Out on the coast in 2011, pushing the little $35 camera I had at the time to its limits!


Monday, November 23, 2015

The Methodists Have Left the Building...

A. F. Litt: Eastern Oregon &emdash; The Methodists Have Left the Building... (2013)

The Methodists Have Left the Building... (2013)
Grass Valley, Oregon. April 12, 2013
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Photo of the Every-So-Often by A. F. Litt: November 23, 2015

Too much going on!  Posting when I can.


Thursday, November 19, 2015

1781 Buried Forest at Oxbow Regional Park

A. F. Litt: Gresham &emdash; Uncovered Stumps From Old Hood Eruption (2010)

Uncovered Stumps From 1781 Eruption of Mt. Hood (2010)
Oxbow Regional Park. Oregon. March 20, 2010.
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Photo of the Day by A. F. Litt: November 11, 2015

For today's photo I went a little random into the old files and landed in some shots I took in Oxbow Regional Park back in 2010.    What's cool about this shot is that you can see the stumps buried in Mt. Hood's 1781 Old Maid eruptions emerging.  After some major storms over the next few years, much more of this bank was eroded away revealing many more of these old trees.  These stumps first came to attention in 2013, but this photo shows that some were already starting to poke out a few years earlier... 

For more information:

Sullivan, William. "Sandy River uncovers a forest buried by Mount Hood in 1781". The Statesman Journal. Apr. 20, 2013

2014 Bretz Club Field Trip Materials Sandy River, Oregon April 10-12, 2014. Oregon State University.

Monday, November 16, 2015

A Rushed Evening Stop at Independence Rock

A. F. Litt: Wyoming &emdash; Independence Rock

Independence Rock
Independence Rock State Historic Site. Alcove, Wyoming. August 11, 2014
Copyright © 2015 A. F. Litt, All Rights Reserved

Photo of the Day by A. F. Litt: November 16, 2015

Busy and busy with a little sick thrown in, but I aim to get back on track with the POTD this week. Here is one from late in the day on one of the long travel days back in the summer of 2014. I was rushing here, against the daylight and against a van full of cranky family, so I didn't get the shots I'd loved to have captured here, but I got a few I like in spite of the challenges of time and place. It was a great time to be there, but time was just a luxury we did not have that evening.

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Mt. Jefferson from Timberline at Sunset

A. F. Litt: Mt. Hood National Forest &emdash; Mt. Jefferson from Timberline at Sunset(2015)

Mt. Jefferson from Timberline at Sunset (2015)
Timberline. Mt. Hood National Forest. Oregon. May 25, 2015
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Photo of the Day by A. F. Litt: November 4, 2015

Super-zoomed on a P510... Not great for resolution, but it was a pretty moment on the mountain and the best lens for it that I had on me at the time.

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Oneonta Falls

A. F. Litt: Public - Not On Site &emdash; Oneonta Falls (2015)

Oneonta Falls (2015)
Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area. Oregon. August 17, 2015
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Photo of the Day by A. F. Litt: November 3, 2015

Back on it after being super busy preparing some film festival submissions and fighting the worst cold I've had in years...  Not much time left for anything else between the two!

Just a plain old waterfall shot of Oneonta Falls from last summer.  I'd love to get back there when that thing was really going, but I have no idea how to do that safely!  Makes me cold just thinking about it...

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Gasco From the Tracks (2008)

A. F. Litt: Portland &emdash; Gasco From the Tracks (2008)

Linnton Plant Administrative Building, Portland Gas & Coke Co. 
Portland, Oregon. April 26, 2008
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Photo of the Day by A. F. Litt: October 22, 2015

Posting late but I'm posting... Hope to get some filming done in Portland tomorrow and I'll get some current shots of the demolition process.

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