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Our Lady of the Rockies

A. F. Litt: Montana &emdash; Our Lady of the Rockies 

Our Lady of the Rockies
Shot from the Berkeley Pit.  Butte, Oregon.  July 30, 2014.
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Today’s photo isn’t technically great, since it’s shot on the P510 with the super zoom cranked to the max, but it is interesting.  We were staring at the large quarry lake that has filled the Berkeley Pit in Butte, Montana since the last time I was there and we noticed some statue or something up on the mountain to the east of us.  Turns out that it is an enormous statue of the Virgin Mary and the second tallest statue in the United States after the Statue of Liberty.  Built in 1985, it wasn’t there the last time I was through Montana.  The statue is 90 feet tall, but is still easily missed since it is way up on top of a 8,500 foot mountain, 3,500 feet above the town.

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The Story: "The base of the statue was poured with 400 tons of concrete in September of 1985. December 17, 1985, a Nevada Air National Guard team lifted the statue in four sections with a CHAR Sikorsky Sky Crane. Supported by the Montana National Guard, the U.S. Army Reserve from Butte, and teams of civilian workers, the final head - section was place atop the statue, while thousands watched."

Our Lady of the Rockies - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "Our Lady of the Rockies is a 90-foot (27 m) statue, dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary, that sits atop the Continental Divide overlooking Butte, Montana. It is the second tallest statue in the United States after The Statue of Liberty. The statue was built by volunteers using donated materials to honor women everywhere, especially mothers. The base is 8,510 feet above sea level and 3,500 feet above the town. The statue is lit and visible at night."

Butte's iconic Our Lady of the Rockies celebrates 25 years: "In 1979, Bob O'Bill wanted to build a 5-foot statue of the Virgin Mary to celebrate his wife's recovery from serious illness. He thought maybe it would be placed in a city park. But plans began to snowball and area engineers were soon picking out a suitable spot — the 8,500-foot Saddle Rock high on the Continental Divide — for the placement of a 90-foot statue. From head to toe, it would be as big as the Statue of Liberty and it would become the second largest statue in the country. It still holds that honor."

Supreme Court reverses Our Lady decision: "Supreme Court reverses Our Lady decision ROAD PLANNED FOR TRAM IS NOT PUBLIC, COURT SAYS"



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