Sunday, October 30, 2011

Infrastructure... Template changes and scraps of nothing

From 2011-10 (Oct)

Removing the blog descriptions from most of my blogs...  I just hate them and they look clunky and, well, I just hate them, but I already said that...

Gone forever from Rubble: The original. Since 2001, a growing pile of refuse: a heap of photography, writing, and other such scraps of nothing.

Some major layout changes, also.  Keeping the basic ideas in place, but there are a lot of changes everywhere. If you do not immediately notice, though, I have succeeded.  They are those types of changes.

Except for the new "Rubblebase" content at the bottom of the page.  That is a pretty dramatic addition.  However, still probably not that noticeable because it is hiding down there a ways!

Now, the theme for the week was infrastructure, but tonight is the first time changes have been visible out front like this.  That is because there has been a lot of tinkering behind the scenes with the guts and bones of these sites.  In fact, some of those hidden changes are what are inspiring the more cosmetic changes out front.

I'll give you one hint, if you haven't figured it out already...  Access to better site usage analytics.

Why am I writing about this?  More for my own records than anything else.

I may work on the sidebars a bit more, but I am pretty much done with the design work on these sites for a while (God, I hope so!).  The Blogger properties, at least.  Then I can just focus on content (and getting some sleep at night).  Pretty pictures, crazy songs, and disturbing politics... Mix those nouns and pronouns freely.

Now...  Three more sites to completely rebuild, then bed.  Woot, I say.  Woot.

Oh, I almost forgot, I still hate the new header for Democracy In Distress.  I am not opening that can of worms tonight.  Got to leave something annoying to work on tomorrow.

Update October 31, 2:45 AM: Or I can get distracted by a fancy new camera and waste the rest of my evening struggling with my intermittent internet as I put together a fairly complicated post on the damn thing!

Rebuilding Rubblebase... That is a tomorrow thing (today, whatever...)

Update November 2, 4:25 AM: Just finished the rebuild on Democracy In Distress.  That whole things was a bit bigger project than I planned on.  But it is done, and the sites look, subtly, cooler.

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