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Tin or Copper? Why Your Camera Does Not Matter!

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One Day On Earth: 12.12.12 Folsom, California.
December 12, 2012. 4:27 PM
© A. F. Litt, 2012

In a photography group, someone was wondering about gear for an upcoming shoot:
Every time I get a great meal in a great restaurant I demand to know what brand of pots they use, what brand of knives, what brand or type of sharpener they use to sharpen those knives, because I can't enjoy my meal until I know that it has been made with the absolutely best, newest stuff on the market.
And I've been fooled! I, a few times, liked a dinner and then found out they were a small, new restaurant who used sub-par cookware!
Oh, that was humiliating! Tin, not copper! Tin! I felt like, not even an amateur, worse! I felt like a pretender for enjoying those meals. I should have known better!
But it was on them, not me, and boy, I told everyone I knew never to eat there after I got fooled into liking those places' food like that!
And boy howdy, did people know that I knew my stuff after that and I am pretty sure no one ever took those so called chefs, fake chefs, seriously ever again.
Seriously... Gear is nothing but a gatekeeper used by the insecure to keep their egos protected.
If you can't shoot great with the low end, you can't shoot great with the high end.
Get the best you can comfortably get on your budget and shoot your soul out! It will be fantastic!

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