Thursday, September 25, 2014

Stiff Valentine at Raven Ink Anniversary Party

A. F. Litt: Bands &emdash; Chris DeMarcus of Stiff Valentine

Chris DeMarcus of Stiff Valentine
Raven Ink Tattoo Anniversary Party. Tonic Lounge. Portland, Oregon. February 9, 2013
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Photo of the Day by A. F. Litt:  September 25, 2014

So, after a bit of a break to deal with a bunch of paid work, I’m jumping back into the photo of the day in a very different place from where I left off…  Leaving behind Wyoming for a bit, I am diving back in time to the 2013 Raven Ink Tattoo Anniversary Party at the Tonic Lounge.  This is Chris DeMarcus of the Vancouver B.C. band Stiff Valentine.

These guys were pretty good, I’ve seen them a couple times, but they were having a rough go of it this night due to some of the tech issues mostly electronic bands run into from time to time.  Been there, done that, and I had sympathy.  They were pros and got through it the best they could. 

Going over to their Facebook page to check on them and remember who was who, apparently they’ve been through some rough times recently, too...  The band called it quits about a week ago.

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