Tuesday, September 20, 2011

200th Photo of the Day: Statistics

So, how many people have been looking at these pictures? It is hard to tell for sure.

These started, originally, only being posted on Facebook. A little bit into this endeavor, I started using Picasa, so I started using the archive there as my primary home base, not only for the PotDs, but for all of my non-family and friend pictures. I would't call it my home base for "serious" photography, and definitely not a portfolio, but it a pretty decent representation of my recent work. However, I haven't really spent that much time tinkering with the Picasa Web Albums, so I don't know how many views I actually get there for sure, other than individual picture views. And I am not interested enough to actually go through and add them all up.

As for the original files on Facebook, they are still there, but I quit actually uploading them to Facebook around the same time I started using Picasa.

Moving on to deviantArt.  All but one picture, I believe, has been uploaded to this site.  This site is, probably, as close to an actual portfolio as I have right now, though it is still mostly populated with PotDs, so I am not sure how strong it is.  Like I said in the beginning: "Some, obviously, will be better photographs than others. What I post will be somewhat reflective of my mood, so I may choose some shots more for their personal meaning to me than for their artistic "worth."

January 29, 2012: 
I just found this old fragment as I was glancing through my drafts...  Life was busy and I never got around to finishing it, but I might as well post what I have.  As it is, I am coming up on 300 pretty soon, and the first anniversary of these posts.  Yes, I took too many days off in 2011.

However, my goal for 2012 is to post every day barring emergencies.  When I can, I'll be automating the posts when I am going to be away from the internet for more than 24 hours...

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