Sunday, May 22, 2011

100th Photo of the Day!

From 000-FB Photo of the Day

Photo of the Day, May 22, 2011. Taken April 16, 2008. Gresham from a butte near Troutdale, Oregon. Today is the 100th Photo of the Day! Going back to another photo from the evening when I took the first photo of the day, another one from that set.

So, how has it been so far? Pretty easy. One of my biggest concerns going into this was that my internet connection can be quite unreliable, but so far there has been no issues with getting a photo posted every day. This could be an issue in the future, but who knows? The only issue I've actually had so far when it comes to getting a picture up every day was last weekend when I was not feeling well.  One night I didn't get a picture up until almost midnight, and I did miss the next day.  Posted two the next morning, one for Monday, one for the Sunday that I missed.

Now, I started this on Facebook, so there have not been 100 photos posted on Rubble, and none of the photo sites I use actually have all 100 either.  I believe that Picasa and deviantArt are the most complete sets, with 99 photos each.  deviantArt had an issue with the low resolution and small dimensions of one picture I used from my old, old digital camera and there was one that I could not get to load up to Picasa for some reason.  Upload issues also plagued the collections on Flikr and Photobucket, where I only do bulk uploads once every few weeks weeks or so.  Those are not intended to be definitive collections.  And as far as Facebook goes, I now link my photos to FB, so I rarely upload them directly to the site anymore.

Nevertheless, I have had a photo of the day posted on Facebook for 100 days now.  Beyond the concerns about having an internet connection available every day, I was also concerned about finding "worthy" photos for every day of the year.  Well, I haven't run out yet.  This is not to say that every picture I throw up is something I necessarily consider portfolio worthy, sometimes I post to fit a mood, or for other vague reasons, but overall I do feel that these one hundred photos are a decent representation of my work.  I am finding that if I am getting out and taking pictures at least two or three times a month, between my new photos and many, many old ones that I still need to get around to editing one of these days, I have a pretty good pool of pictures to draw from.

Overall, I am glad I started this.  I take pictures mostly for my own enjoyment, and this project has been mostly about me challenging myself and about keeping myself active with my photography.  I hope other people have enjoyed these picture as well, but really, in the end, it is a selfish project done for my own amusement.  I enjoy it, and that is what is important to me, right now, in the end.  At a time when so much of my life is focused on the needs of others, this is one thing for me that I get to spend time on these days, and for that I am very grateful.

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