Sunday, November 03, 2019

The Yellow Painted Man is Done!

So, the book we were slaving away on is out! I am very excited about this! I hope folks enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed helping Jason out with it.
The book description:
In 1863, as war rages in Mexico and the United States, another millennia old conflict is escalating. Fueled by the whims of an eldritch intelligence, all of mankind is subject to its sway. Samuel Sheldon is a chosen heir of the Trust, an enigmatic and gold obsessed cabal with origins seeped in the secret history of the world. When his prisoner, Mangas Coloradas, is murdered on Sheldon's first assignment, an unpredictable series of events threaten to upset the Trust's flawless designs. Determined to prove his worth, Sheldon is tasked with recovering a vast horde of missing gold; an endeavor that swiftly spirals into a supernatural odyssey of violence sprawling from the siege of Richmond to the wastelands of Mexico. Obstructed by treachery and confronted with the strange secrets of his employers, Sheldon must decide if the rewards of power are worth the price.
From Jason Roberts:
The time is nigh! I promised a big announcement this week and so I shall deliver! Today I announce the publication of my first novel, The Yellow Painted Man, now available for sale on kindle, print, and soon to be audible! It’s been a difficult but rewarding process, filled with humbling but educational experiences. I have to give a shout out to A.F. Litt Creative for the dogged determination to see this project through and to my wife Kim for her encouragement along the way.

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