Friday, November 25, 2011

Calendar 2012: Some fine selections (are on their way)

So I've spent the last couple hours working on the promised calendar. Right now, deviantArt is not playing nice. They have a very nice looking one for sale, but it seems to be broken right now...

So I started checking out Cafe Press (

They may have a good 12 month wall calendar, but I am having trouble getting one up on my storefront. Getting annoyed, people. I've got stuff to sell! Make your websites work!

A few years ago I made a storefront on Cafe Press for Democracy In Distress. It was very simple then and it only took a few minutes to get some products up and running. Alas, 2011 is not 2004, and nothing is simple anymore. They have gone and made their site very confusing for sellers...

For people who want a one off t-shirt of their new kitten? Easy. People who want to design and sell specific products? Not so much...

Anyway, after tweaking around for a couple hours, I have successfully created a one-sheet wall calendar featuring one of my Castle Crags photos...

I will keep at it, and should be offering some more fine selections soon.

I am going about this a little back-assward for how Cafe Press is designed these days. It is more set up to be selling images on a variety of products, where I am looking, today, more to sell specific products with a variety of images. It is much clunkier to do it this way.

Anyway, the shop is open... Here is the first selection.  More, though, are definitely on the way so save your nickels for now.

NOTE: Due to concerns about image quality, I am taking these products down for now.  I am leaving them here, though, as examples of the products that will be offered on Cafe Press.

Castle Crags, West Side - Calendar Print
December 7, 2010. Castle Crags, West Side. Castella, California. (Photo of the Day, April 16, 2011)

List Price - $7.99

UPDATE: Okay, I quit my bitching and got this figured out.  Another one-sheet.  The real deal up soon.  

If anyone is interested in specific images, let me know.  

Under The Burnside Bridge - Calendar Print; Calendars; RubbleShop by A. F. Litt
Under The Burnside Bridge - Calendar Print
Under The Burnside Bridge. Portland, Oregon. October 6, 2011. (Photo of the Day October 26, 2011)

List Price - $7.99

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