Saturday, November 12, 2011

11.11.11: Update

From 2011-11-11 (11-11-11) - Photo

So I made it out and filled two SD cards with pictures and videos for the One Day On Earth project yesterday. It will take a while to get through these. Could be quite a while, considering that I still haven't touched the majority of the pictures from the summer camping trips. It cannot take that long, though, since I only have 28 days to get my submissions in.

The original plan for yesterday was to focus on the Occupation camps. Unfortunately, I didn't leave early enough and it was dark and raining when I finally called it for the day, still haven't having made it to the camps. But I'll be down there later today, so I'll have yet another batch of photos and videos to work on...

I can tell the main focus of the coming week is going to be image and video editing.

Anyway, today is all about the occupation. But I did want to get at least one photo up today.  frankenPC is acting up so, of course, everything is taking three times as long as it should...

This was the theme song for the bus ride home. It just felt like yesterday.

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