Sunday, July 09, 2017

Sand to Snow National Monument: 27 Monuments Stop #21

Pacific Crest Trail
Sand to Snow National Monument, California.  March 19, 2017
Photo by Bob Wick, BLM
Public Domain

National Monuments in Danger

We are down to the final days of the comment period!  Please, take the time today to comment on the fate of this national monument, any of the other 27 monuments on the Interior Department's list, or on the fate of all of them.  

To comment on the monument review process (due July 10, 2017):

In my earlier post on this monument, I mentioned that it seems like there is little reason to eliminate this one for any reason.  So, we'll see how far the cuts go over the coming weeks.

Running through these last few posts from Brent Rose, I am catching a few errors on the website and earlier posts...  Some I was aware of, I was just moving ahead instead of getting stuck in endless formatting battles (it might be time for a template upgrade on Blogger), and some others were surprises...

One that was a bit disheartening was to find that a lot of the links to my website on broke when I made a small tweak to the site.  This is severe enough that I will be going back and fixing links very soon.  Anyone who's followed my Historic Columbia River Highway project knows that this is a bane of mine!

But I am proud of the little website for this project, so I will do that in the next day or two.  Until then, I want to keep pushing out new content...

Oh, and let Secretary Zinke and President Trump know, hands off this monument!

Sand to Snow National Monument (as of June 2017) - PDF

To comment on the monument review process (due July 10, 2017):




Questions and Answers PDF:

The White House:

Fact Sheet -- President Obama to Designate New National Monuments in the California Desert


The Wildlands Conservancy: 

Sand to Snow National Monument

Map (This is very cool!)

U. S. Department of the Interior: 

Secretaries Jewell, Vilsack Applaud President’s Designation of Three New National Monuments in California Desert

LA Times: Volcanic spires and Joshua trees: Obama protects 1.8 million acres in California's desert

Washington Post: With 3 new monuments, Obama creates world’s second-largest desert preserve

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