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National Monuments in Danger: Oil and Gas and the BLM

Oil and Gas
Photo by BLM Wyoming

...and mining and grazing and just selling the land back to the states so they can sell it to do these things...  and et.

I was going to track these press releases on the main National Monuments in Danger page, but that is already link hell...

I am not completely against using public lands for oil and gas, but these numbers are disgusting.  If that is all the government is making from these leases?  But maybe they (WE!) get a cut of the profits, too?  I sure hope so.

But keep these operations out of the monuments!

As I wrote elsewhere, this seems to be motivated more by the desire generate revenue with the land than a real need for the resources themselves.

Let's keep those oil and gas reserves in reserve, just in case we really do need them in a prolonged time of crisis, and we can have the environmental/preservation needs vs. economic needs debate at that time.

I may not constantly track everything here, but enough to give a flavor of what is going on.

UPDATE - July 3, 2017:

The press release pages appear to be back up...  Go here to see what is being leased off, etc.[value]=

UPDATE - July 1, 2017:

Went to check on the press releases a few minutes ago, and that part of the BLM site seems to be down. Hmmm.... ?

National Monuments in Danger

To comment on the monument review process (due July 10, 2017):

Leaked documents show Trump administration plans more mining and drilling on public lands: The Trump administration looks to “streamline” the fossil fuel extraction process.

Jun 09, 2017
BLM seeks comments for proposed coal mine lease modification in southwest Colorado

Jun 09, 2017
BLM New Mexico State Office Oil and Gas Lease Sale Nets $3,491,731.00

Jun 09, 2017
BLM Colorado to offer 10 parcels in September oil and gas lease sale

Jun 09, 2017
BLM oil and gas lease sales in Colo., Okla., Texas net combined $4.7 million

Jun 08, 2017
BLM Colorado oil and gas lease sale nets $1.2 million

Jun 07, 2017
BLM completes Environmental Assessment for Mineral County Geothermal Lease Sale

Jun 07, 2017
BLM Alaska Patents 340,000 acres to State of Alaska and Alaska Native Corporations

May 26, 2017
BLM Proposes to Sell 81.25 Acres in Clark County (Nevada)

May 23, 2017
President Proposes $1.1 Billion Budget for BLM in Fiscal Year 2018

May 16, 2017
BLM Seeks Public Comment on Grazing Permit Renewal near Moab, Utah

May 16, 2017
BLM evaluating land sale proposal in Gilpin County

May 11, 2017
BLM evaluating oil and gas leasing proposals in Garfield and Mesa counties

May 11, 2017
Bureau postpones planned public meeting while national monument review is underway

May 09, 2017
BLM Seeks Public Input on Grazing Permit Renewal Projects

May 01, 2017
BLM Grants Right-of-Way for New Mexico Gas Company’s Taos Mainline Re-Route Project

Apr 28, 2017
BLM invites Public Comment on Constantine Metal Resources LTD’s proposal to extend road design in existing Plan of Operations

Apr 21, 2017
Public invited to review and comment on land selection process

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