Friday, June 16, 2017

Atlanta Nights: Authors Test the Legitimacy of PublishAmerica

I just found this old draft post, and thought I'd send it live...  I was going to write a bunch about this back in 2011, but I just don't care enough now!

I still find it amusing, though!
Atlanta Nights is a collaborative novel created in 2004 by a group of science fiction and fantasy authors, with the express purpose of producing an unpublishably bad piece of work, so as to test whether publishing firm PublishAmerica would still accept it.[1] It was accepted; after the hoax was revealed, the publisher withdrew its offer.[2]
The primary purpose of the exercise was to test PublishAmerica's claims to be a "traditional publisher" that would only accept high-quality manuscripts. Critics have long claimed that PublishAmerica is actually a vanity press that pays no special attention to the sales potential of the books they publish since most of their revenue comes from the authors rather than book buyers. PublishAmerica had previously made some highly derogatory public remarks about science fiction and fantasy writers, because many of their critics came from those communities; those derogatory remarks influenced the decision to make such a public test of PublishAmerica's claims.[3]

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