Friday, October 28, 2016

Whiskeytown–Shasta–Trinity National Recreation Area: McCloud River Arm, Shasta Lake

McCloud River Arm, Shasta Lake (2010)
Whiskeytown–Shasta–Trinity National Recreation Area.  California. December 7, 2010
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Photo of the Day (#2) by A. F. Litt: October 28, 2016

Just a quick post as I create, what for now, at least, will be a placeholder gallery on the website.  The Whiskeytown Unit of the NRA is managed by the National Park Service, while the Shasta and Trinity Units are managed by the Forest Service.  But the NRA was all created at the same time in 1965 and appear as the Whiskeytown–Shasta–Trinity National Recreation Area on the NPS' system map...

I'd get into more detail, but family life calls.  Hopefully I can find some more photos, but just digging this one out revealed some startling repairs that need to be made in my Lightroom catalog, and I'll need to repair that first before I get into editing any more of these older photos. 

Unfortunately, if I do find more photos, they'll probably be taken from this same rest area on northbound I-5.  I really haven't explored the area much at all.

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