Friday, July 22, 2016

Glen Canyon: Hite Overlook Panorama

Hite Overlook Panorama
Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.  Utah.  May 14, 2016.
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Photo of the Day by A. F. Litt: July 22, 2016

I'll write more, and post more photos, about Glen Canyon, Hite, Bullfrog, and the Colorado River later.  There's a lot of topics to explore here...  However, today is not a day for long and detailed posts.  It's time to get back to video editing...  

But know, there is supposed to be a lake where the river is.  Note the large, high and dry, boat launch at Hite...  It almost looks like an air strip sitting up under the cliff towards the right side of the photo!  Reservoir levels have been up and down, year to year, for a very long time...  mostly down, and down by a lot.  There is a whole lot to to explore regarding this topic, and I'll be posting on it extensively soon enough.

It's been a fun few days getting into all of these posts and working through these photos. The first half of this year was much more focused on shooting, both stills and video, and very little editing happened in both departments.  While I hope not to be chained to my desk full-time for the rest of 2016, the second half of this year will probably be more tilted towards the editing (and writing) than shooting.

I have YEARS worth of stills to work through, a ton of video editing from the first half of the year piling up, and the whole Recreating the Historic Columbia River Highway documentary project to re-boot...  Many projects have been delayed the last six months due to family issues and health issues, and it is time to start getting caught up.

As for the Photo of the Day, for the rest of 2016, I'll probably focus mostly on the National Park Service shots, mixing it up here and there with some Columbia River Highway material and the occasional concert shot.  This is primarily to help commemorate this year's centennials of both the National Park Service and the Columbia River Highway, but it also helps me focus and sort through the thousands and thousands of photos sitting idle on my hard drives, collecting so many layers of digital dust.

From time to time, probably as a break between big video editing projects, I will take a day or two to do what I did this week, spend the whole day working on multiple Photo of the "Day" posts in an attempt to slowly get caught up, and I hope to keep posting at least once a day, most days of the week.

There are some great shots waiting to get out into the world, and many interesting posts to write.  While I feel a lot of the photos that went out this week are very nice, they are nothing compared to what will be coming out over the next few months (I hope!).  This week was dedicated more towards filling in gaps with some parks, monuments, historic sites, etc. that were not on the website yet.  Moving ahead, the focus will shift more towards finding the best photos hiding out on my hard drives and sharing them with everyone who cares to look at them.

That is all for now.  There are chores to be done, DVDs to burn, and concert videos to be edited... 


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