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Crepuscular Rays....

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Crepuscular Rays.... An ugly name for a beautiful thing. I once heard someone refer to these as God Rays. I like that.
Bad Astronomy | Discover Magazine
When you go outside at sunset, many times you’ll be greeted with spectacular rays of light and shadow stretching across the sky. These are called crepuscular rays, and are caused by clouds blocking the sunlight, their long shadows cast on haze and other particulates floating in our air.
Those rays fan out, spreading away at different angles… but that’s an illusion! The rays are parallel, and I offer this photograph as proof:
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This is Plait's offered proof...  Nice.

I like this type of photo.. Plait offers another photo on this post, taken from the ground, but there are some rights issues with that one, so here are a few more of my photos featuring crepuscular rays instead...

From 2008-04 (Apr)

From 2008-04 (Apr)

From 2008-04 (Apr)

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