Saturday, September 17, 2011

Statistics: First Month on Panoramio

In a few days I will be posting up the 200th Photo Of The Day and I plan on doing a fairly thorough review of my page view statistics around the web, but a few days ago I passed the benchmark of being on Panoramio for one month.  To me, it was a pretty impressive month.  Sure, I was uploading quite a bit of content up into the new account which does help drive the views, but I am still pretty impressed with the results.

These stats might not be impressive to a lot of people, but they are to me since I just dork around with these pictures for the fun of it.

Anyway, in the first month, give or take a day or two:

Last 30 Days:                               3855 total views
All time:                                         3870 total views
Viewed in Google Earth:               3581 views
Viewed in Google Maps:              168 views

Today, I am up to 4328 total views.

Here is the same chart from a few days after I started with Panoramio.

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