Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Flobots on eTown

I find this NPR show strangely annoying.  However, the Flobots were on the last show and their performance was really good.  So I tracked down the podcast and plan on giving it another listen.

eTown Radio Show 1119 – Flobots / Teddy Thompson

From eTown: Hosts Nick & Helen Forster welcome the dynamic, progressive, rap group Flobots back for this live eTown taping. Since they formed in 2003, they’ve combined music with discussion aimed at combating apathy and encouraging proactive, positive action. The Boston Herald calls this stellar six-piece band “rap music’s most singular breakthrough act in years.”


A. F. Litt said...

Went to listen to this today and the link is down. Boo.

A. F. Litt said...

New link: