Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Shadow Dancing: Werner Herzog's The Cave of Forgotten Dreams

Herzog Enters 'The Cave Of Forgotten Dreams' (NPR, Fresh Air, April 20, 2011)

I want to see this movie, Werner Herzog's The Cave of Forgotten Dreams, a documentary filmed in 3D about the "prehistoric paintings and engravings on the walls of the Chauvet Cave in southern France."  Especially because of this:

"When I saw photos, it looked almost like flat walls — maybe slightly undulating or so. Thank God, I went in there without any camera a month before shooting. What you see in there is limestone, and you have these wildly undulating walls — you have bulges and niches and pendants of rock, and there's a real incredible drama of information. The artists utilized it for their paintings. ... So it was clear it was imperative to do this in 3-D, in particular, because we were the only ones ever allowed to film."

I've heard that the photos that we have all seen of these paintings do not do them justice due to the lack of the three dimensional aspect of the cave walls.  Hopefully Herzog was able to capture this effect.  

In the interview, he talks about how he imagines the interplay between the ancient's shadows flickering in the firelight and the paintings...  He compares it, in his imagination, to the Fred Astaire scene below...

UPDATE: May 23, 2011.  The trailer...

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