Saturday, April 02, 2011

Photography Contest

I entered today's Photobucket Challenge twice: "1 Day Time Lapse"

I entered twice because I spent a few minutes working on this photo of Jason at OMSI, and then entered it...

It is a fairly unremarkable moment, unless, perhaps, you understand how rarely Jason actually holds still, especially in an environment like OMSI.

I also chose it because it looks better in small form than it does in large form.

As I was posting the photo above and glancing through some of the other entries, I remembered this one and decided that it should be today's entry for obvious reasons...

This one is a scan of an old photo I took for my 8th Grade photography class back in 1987.

Anyway, I decided to leave both in there. It is allowed and I've seen people enter a whole bunch, four or five, into these things. They are both such different types of images that it will be interesting to see which finished ahead of the other.

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