Friday, April 01, 2011

Photography Contest

Another daily challenge on Photobucket... "Pic From Your Neighborhood." Went with a picture of my neighborhood from above...  Posted under the title "Neighborhood Sunbeams."

This challenge is the first one in a while that is actually interesting.  Of course, I live a little to the left in this shot, but I went with a more interesting shot rather than specific accuracy.

Looking at the pictures posted so far this morning, there are some really nice ones.  I'd be happy with a top ten finish in this one.  Right now I am in 4th place, but I just posted a few minutes ago, so it is really too early to tell.

The second photo in this post  is more my neighborhood than the one I entered, right between Powell and Grant Buttes but, really, I figure pretty much all of East County is my stomping ground.

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A. F. Litt said...

Result: 65th out of 232.

Rating: 2.6
Views: 66
Votes: 24

Not sure, thought this one would do better. Excuses? Not as dramatic in the small form on the contest. Does not entirely live up to my great subject demands a great photo concept... It is a great subject, it is an adequate, not great, photograph. The two add together to reach "pretty good, not great" shot.

The winner of this one sucked. The second place is great. Don't really have a lot of time to go through right now and see what the rest of the competition looked like, though when I entered yesterday it looked pretty strong.