Thursday, April 07, 2011

Photobucket: Almost but not quite...

Bonneville Dam, Oregon. 2006.

After reading a couple reviews and playing with their sharing features a bit, I just like Flickr better. The cost does suck and I really do need to take a closer look at Picasa but, overall, right now it looks like Flickr is going to work the best for me.

The problem with Photobucket is that it is difficult to share to my blogs, it wants to send huge images that do not fit. I may be able to tweak some defaults or something, but so far it just seems like a huge pain in the tush.

And, checking, 20GB on Picasa is only $5 a year.  I do really like the ability to share slideshows on Flickr and Photobucket, which Picasa does not appear to have, but, really, I'd only be sharing a slideshow fairly rarely, and I suppose I can upload to those other sites when I want to post a slideshow some place.

Man, choices, choices, choices...

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