Thursday, April 07, 2011

Picasa: Slideshow and a Win!

In a come from behind victory, Picasa is now my new dumping ground for photos. It has all the features I like, the free capacity is enough to keep me going for a while, and adding 10x the storage only costs $5 a year. Which is close enough to free for me. Plus, it uploads automatically from my files. Nice. I already knew it did this, but I didn't want to start using this feature until I decided whether or not Picasa would be my "home."

Until I upgrade the storage, I will not be saving full sized photos here, but once I do upgrade, this will work as well. Overall, it is everything I've been looking for and more.

So, what do I mean by home? It is a dumping ground for everything without a thumb in it, essentially, as I keep saying. This means that there may be three or four pictures in a row that are nearly identical. This may mean that a lot of boring and mediocre pictures go here. What it means is that this is not my Portfolio, nor even a showcase for my pictures. If anything, it is a backup of my hard drive.

So what am I going to do with the other sites? Well, the role Picasa will be taking obviously suggests some uses. I think I may go ahead and use Flickr for something between Picasa (dump) and deviantArt (my "portfolio" for now). I'll even keep the Photobucket around for the challenges. The Photo of the Day will probably go to all of them.

As for Facebook? Yes, unlimited storage, yadda, yadda... Easy enough interface. But I hate the viewer... From now on, I think I am pretty much done uploading there. While I will probably not remove what I've already uploaded there, I will be rebuilding those galleries in Picasa and elsewhere, eventually.

Of course, all of this may change. But these are my thoughts for now.

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