Sunday, April 24, 2011

Accident across the street...

UPDATE - 4/25/2011
Yesterday, I was misled...  The friend of the man who's apartment was hit told me that the driver died, but he did not.  This is why hear-say is not reliable.  Still, it was a pretty spectacular crash, with the vehicle going end over end from the curb into the apartment.  Here is the KATU 2 piece on this:

Man hurt, dog killed in drunk driving crash (Submitted by Kerry Tomlinson Sunday, April 24th, 4:57 pm)

From the article:

The crash happened early Sunday morning on Powell Blvd in Gresham. Officers said Craig Brian Day II drove his Nissan Xterra SUV up on the sidewalk, hitting Joshua Grant.

Grant suffered a broken leg, but his dog was killed in the crash. He had been out walking the Labrador retriever at the time.

Grant was listed in “fair” condition at OHSU on Sunday afternoon.

After Day hit Grant and his dog, witnesses said his SUV flipped several times and smashed into a storage unit.

Day now faces charges of driving under the influence of intoxicants, reckless driving, assault, criminal mischief and animal abuse.

A little bit ago we got a call from Jenna who is staying over at Berry Ridge with a friend. She asked if we'd been out at all today and if we had seen the accident.

According to her, at three in the morning, a car crashed into her friend's friend's apartment. The driver was killed. We went across the street to check it out and I took these photos. A KATU 2 news crew was over there as well. According to the camera guy, the SUV was going around 50 when it crashed (40 zone). It looks like it pretty much went airborne when it hit the curb and bounced its way off a sign, through a small tree, and into the apartment.

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