Sunday, April 03, 2011

Contest Results

Recent Photobucket results.  These come up a little different, I score a little higher, on this page than on the contest pages, but I am not sure why.

Just some notes on the number of entries:

1 Day Time Lapse (Seattle): 16th out of 115 entries.  There were some really good ones in this challenge.

1 Day Time Lapse (Holding Still):  22nd out of 115.  I am actually surprised by how well this one did for being a small, quiet photo, so to speak.

Pic From Your Neighborhood: 51st out of 232 entries.  This was disappointing to me, I really thought it would do better.

Spring Forward:  The final results are still being calculated, but it looks like I came in 149th out of 1343 entries.  I would have liked to have seen this one do a little better, but this seemed like a more serious competition and there were some really good pictures in this one.  Also, the editing on this picture is a little off.  I've had earlier versions that I liked a bit better where the color of the sky was a little darker and bluer, making the whole picture feel a bit more, I don't know, solid?  Sometimes re-inventing the wheel isn't worth it.

I think I've had posts or comments on the other pictures here, so I'll end this post with thanking everyone who has voted on these pictures one last time!  I really appreciate it!

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