Sunday, March 27, 2011

Yesterday's Daily Challenge on Photobucket: 25th out of 246 Entries

Photo Title: Time and Reflection...

Result:  25th out of 246 Entries.

Rating: 2.5 (5)
Views: 120
Votes: 22

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I am definitely happy with a top 25 finish, especially in this competition.  I say that not because of the quality of the photographs entered, but because of the contest itself.  The theme was "1 Day Nostalgia" and the way most people approached this was to enter old snapshots that brought back memories, not to enter "good" photographs.  I am not saying this to be bitchy, there were a lot of good pictures that finished a lot lower than mine, which I think is a shame; some that I liked better than mine.  However, I think an issue with my entry is that it did not entirely fit the theme.  I went with an image that brought to my mind the idea of nostalgia, though it was not one that made me specifically nostalgic - it had nothing to do with my personal past.

One of the things I am discovering about Photobucket's little competitions, especially the daily ones, is that they are not really geared towards photographers.  They offer contests like show a picture of "you" playing video games, and today's daily challenge is about pictures of "you" sitting at a table with friends and family.  These contests are geared towards funky, entertaining snapshots, not towards serious photography.  Which is fun and fine, but not really what I am interested in and I probably won't be entering a lot of them.  For example, in today's challenge, I just really don't take that type of picture and, if I was in the picture, then it wouldn't even by my photograph in the first place.

Other challenges on the site, like the two spring ones, are geared towards some more "artistic" photography, and those are the ones which interest me the most.  In both of the spring ones, from what I've seen of the other entries so far, I'd be more than happy to finish in the top 25.  In some of the challenges on sites built around more serious/artistic photography, I'd be happy to finish in the top 50 out of a thousand plus entries (like the spring challenges).

But I am sure that I'll still enter these on days where the theme fits my work and I have a picture ready that fits it.  Why not?  It is just for fun after all!

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