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The Final Cut: 2006 (Updated 2012-01-15)


From 2006
From 2006
From 2006

UPDATE: January 15, 2012 - You gain a few, you lose a few...

Going through some old files earlier, I found a whole bunch of 2006 photos that were missing.  Luckily, I had posted a lot of them on Rubble before, and they were buried in the old files for the blog. 

This does not mean that I have recovered all of those that I suspect that I lost, in fact it actually helps clarify which ones were lost.  Fortunately, most of the ones that I liked the best in 2006 were preserved, since they were edited and saved separately to post on the blog (saved on the old  Posting photos on Blogger sites was a little more complicated back in those days.

Anyway.  Also had a data loss scare this evening, but it was just an oversight when I was finishing up these pictures a while back.  A batch got left behind on the lap top.  Easily corrected.

However, there may be some duplicates in the slide shows because of this.  Not as clean of a final cut as I’d hoped.

Still mostly family photos in this batch.

I return you now to the original post…

Birthday scooter.  Holly Ridge.  Gresham, Oregon.  2006.  From 2006

Terrible interwebs tonight. I’ve just spent an hour getting a few small chores done. About 10 minutes worth of work on normal bandwidths… I probably should go to bed and put this post off until tomorrow, but I have other things to work on tomorrow…

Bonneville Dam, 2006.  From 2006

This batch is mostly family photos, so I am not going to split them between two different albums, like I usually do.

I seem to be missing a lot of pictures from 2006.  I think I had a hard drive die that year and lost a ton of photos from 2004 - 2006.  Mostly 2005, I think.  There was another, earlier data loss in 2004 that wiped out most of the photos from 2002 to then, but that obviously did not concern these images. 

This is why I keep so many pictures on so many computers and on so many photo sharing sites these days…  I am a bit paranoid about data loss these days!

Horsetail Falls.  Columbia River Gorge, Oregon.  Summer 2006.  From 2006
Horsetail Falls.  Columbia River Gorge, Oregon.  Summer 2006.  From 2006

I actually had to download some of these from the old, retired 2006 Facebook album for re-editing, since they were no longer on my computer. And that is confusing because I didn't think I had any significant data losses SINCE 2006 and the laptop these were stored on has been around since 2008, before I joined FB in the first place... So they should have been on here.

Probably hit cut instead of copy while moving a batch between drives at some point, and there were some minor losses when frankenPC 1.0 died a couple months ago.  However, I thought that crash mostly took out a couple batches of edited photos and did not touch any originals.  Maybe I am wrong about that.

Oh well. Considering the camera I had back then, there is no real loss in quality between the originals and those downloaded from the Facebook album...

Yes.  These pictures were all shot on this bad boy!

HP Photosmart 318.  Summer 2002 - April 2007.  January 6, 2012. From 2012-01 (Jan)

 HP Photosmart 318:

2.31 megapixels, 1901 by 1212 maximum resolution, 38mm focal range (35mm equivalent), f2.8 to f8.0 aperture range, shutter speeds from 2 seconds to 1/750 second, optical and LCD viewfinders, USB connections, 8MB internal media, four AA batteries…

The Photosmart 318 offers only point-and-shoot photography, lacking even basic exposure compensation. Its three picture-quality settings, the typical flash options, and its self-timer mode account for the full extent of its flexibility. The lens is fixed, capable only of 2X digital zooming (which is less desirable than optical zooming). The camera's pictures looked better on screen than printed. While it reproduced details and colors well in our print shots of a mannequin, the outdoor shot looked dark, and strange color artifacts littered our cropped text shot so thoroughly that words were illegible.

Yes.  2.31 MP, 1901x1212 resolution…  About what my phone does today.  The sad thing is that the memory was so poor on it that I was forced to shoot most of the pictures at less than half that resolution.

One plus, though, is that it had an old school optical viewfinder.  I still think these should be required equipment on cameras even today.

I am not complaining.  It was better than no camera at all and I was more than happy to have it.

Cape Horn.  Highway 14.  Columbia River Gorge, Washington. 2006.  From 2006
Bonneville Dam, 2006.  From 2006

Anyway, here are the links…  As usual, pick your poison. 

As mentioned earlier, unlike the later batches, I will not be separating these sets between family photos and non-family photos.  There just aren’t enough survivors left to make it worth it.





Bonneville Dam, 2006.  From 2006


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