Thursday, April 07, 2011

My friend Flickr?

Adding another web site to my photography link roll call.  I admit that I am not really any closer to choosing my new home base than I was the last time I babbled about this subject.  Today I am loading my Photo of the Day images up into Flickr, just to give me a starting point.  The complete collection, to date, is now available on Facebook, deviantArt, and Picasa, and most of them are on Photobucket.  Why in so many places?  Well, the same reason why I am putting them up on Flickr, it is a batch of photos to work with to help me determine where I want to settle.

But a couple quick thoughts as I move ahead...

Facebook:  Yes, this has been my home base for photography for a while, but I am looking for a place where I can store full size photos on line, just in case.  Also, I've been wanting to replace a lot of the pictures on there, most of them, perhaps.  Add my watermark and re-edit a lot of them.  Not right away, but over time.  Instead of reloading them there, though, I'd rather reload them on a site where I can keep full sized photos.

deviantArt:  Right now I am using this mostly for "portfolio" quality pictures.  I do not want to use it as my "every shot without a thumb in it" dumping ground.  I may start adding more pictures there in subject oriented sub-galleries though, but not everything.

Picasa: Not liking the storage limit for a free account.  But it is the easiest to maintain since I use the Picasa editor these days.

Photobucket:  Just not liking it too much.  Doesn't give me a warm, fuzzy feeling, though I have been participating in a lot of their photo challenges, but these are starting to annoy me.  I don't know.  It may win, depending on storage limitations.  Killing me with the five picture limit for a free account and I am not paying for anything at this point.  Though I do like that my URL there is /Gresham.  I am planning on replacing the five photos there now with ones actually taken in Gresham at some point.

Flickr:  I really do not know yet, but I do like its social networking properties and it appears to have some good tools for posting to Rubble and Facebook.  I am concerned about the monthly upload limitations for the free account, but I think I can work with it if I focus mostly on new photos and wait to rebuild my old galleries until the end of the month when I have some idea of how much storage/bandwidth I have left.  However, I have yet to use any of these tools and I am not sure about how the file organization works yet and, especially with the latter, this may be a deal breaker for me.

So, that is all for now.  I may update with a comment as I play with this new toy a bit.


So, a couple more thoughts:

Photobucket:  I am done here.  I may not have a winner yet, but Photobucket is fired.  Besides lacking the warm fuzzies, it sucks at cross-posting to Rubble.  That is enough.  I do get a lot of views over there, though. So I think I'll keep throwing my photo of the day up there and whatever I am posting to their contests, though, as I've said, I am getting grumpy about those.

Flickr:  I am really liking Flickr, except for the monthly storage issue.  I am in the process of uploading the March photos that I edited with Picasa, which is only a fraction of them, and I've already burned most, if not all, of my monthly upload.

However, this is only $25 a year, so maybe I will choke up some cash, if I can find any, and just go with it.  Still more research to be done.  Bottom line, I won't be "moving" here until the end of the month, at least, if it does come out on top.

They also have this little 200 photo limit for free accounts.  So I'll be posting my photo of the day there until I run out, but that is it until I decide whether or not to pony up for a paid account.

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