Saturday, March 19, 2011

Poem: The Picture Was Always There

 Like the numbered dots
          in your old Wonder Woman
               activity book
Like the re-appearance
          of your old ‘70s chic

          New, then old, then new again

The Picture Was Always There

          waiting for
          the effort of
                New Connections

Saving it from obscurity

And sure enough
          you traced those lines out for me

          The late nights with new friends
          The re-discovery of
               that old vinyl dress
          The suffocating vacuum left
               when you stopped making jokes

               about leaving me

The three out of a dozen
          out of a dozen
          faded numbers on yellow paper

          Waiting For The Lines To Be Drawn
          all in the moment before

you take my hand and gently

One to Two to Three

          the bullet-proof wristbands
          to the sequined bra
          to the long curls of such wonderful hair

          Number by Number

Until I finally see you
          Strong and Beautiful
Flying through the night in an Invisible Jet

without me

March 5, 1997

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