Saturday, April 02, 2011

Poem: Love Poems

All my poems are love poems
scribbled on damp
whiskey stained paper
in one dive bar or another

On cocktail napkins
or coasters, pulled
from underneath my third glass

Floating in a lost hour
found somewhere on
the long drive towards
my empty home

And I should be there
or there or there
again, but I stop again
on the way home

Climbing slippery stone steps to
the top of the castle-like tower
smelling the rain, feeling
the cold winter kiss

Blown by the constant freezing wind
to my skin

Under the tower, a dead volcano
thrusts us up, exposed, into the storm
but I pull that soggy napkin
from my pocket anyway

And I try to write another verse
before my paper is ruined
by the weather.

Spring 2005

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