Thursday, January 13, 2005

Poem: Moreh

Crossing from there to
here... Crossing from
stone to stone...

In the wadi,
desert winds blow hot

Dust into the eyes
into the ears
into the mouth
and back into the eyes

The taste of water,
once abundant,
fades from everything

The Sun reigns over all
so I run from it
before I follow it
until I hide from it

In a cave, I shake
until I beg the Stars
to fade behind
a warm embrace

Sometimes there is shade
sometimes there is water
sometimes there is death
Rarely, we find life...

The wind fades as
the sun humbles itself
before the rising earth

I hear dry voices
whispering from
under the roots of
an old oak tree

Under twisted wood and
borrowed dirt

The gods are buried here

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